Happy National Pie Day!


Baking pies is not a specialty of mine. As much as I’d like to boast that I have perfected the art of the perfect crust, I usually opt to buy a pre-made pie from the bakery. My internship was asked to bake pies for an event on campus and I accepted the challenge! I started looking around at different recipes. I came across a recipe for a vanilla custard pie. Seemed easy enough and didn’t need a crazy amount of ingredients.

Results of my baking was a pie that somewhat resembles a pizza or maybe the moon, but we had a little extra of the filling after pouring into the pie and made mini custard cups. It was delicious and I would say that if you are having a craving for a pie and feel ambitious enough to bake one, this would be a great recipe to try out!

Have a happy PIE day! Enjoy a slice 🙂


This recipe contains:

Flour, eggs, milk, ground nutmeg, vanilla extract, and salt






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